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La Pieve Rosso Autunno, Vino Biologico


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Fattoria La Pieve is proud of its production of white, red, rosé wines, all certified organic. Recently they have also started producing an organic wine without sulfites. All the wines are certified Organic, Vegan and Doc Maremma Toscana. Fattoria La Pieve is able to face any product request with serenity, and also has the strength to support the customer’s business even with targeted promotional and/or communication initiatives. Essentia Naturae is their no sulfites wine, born to cover an important outstanding demand of the wine market in order to satisfy those who, due to intolerance or choice, prefer organic wines without sulfites. ​The exclusivity also comes from the “concept” of the product with an effective communication inspired by the delicacy and naturalness never achieved before.

100% organic Sangiovese from sunny Tuscany! At the first meeting, this new acquisition is slightly underplayed, but beneath the surface lurks a particularly appealing personality with many unexplored sides.

The recipe is otherwise relatively simple: First, just take a trip to Maremma in southwestern Tuscany. Here you plant a lot of delicious Sangiovese, while keeping a healthy and natural biodiversity in the fields. by avoiding the use of pesticides and fertilizers. At the end of August, the grapes are ready for harvest, and after fermentation and 6 months of storage, the wine is ready to be bottled. Easy … At least for the Pieve family, but of course they have also cultivated this land for generations.

And so we come to what it is all about. The wine:

Initially, when you dip your nose into the glass, the Rosso Vita is actually a bit dusty – as if you just have to pass a test to get the full benefit. In the dust, there are red berries and slightly floral undertones, and when, after a little time and a little air settles, several layers enter. We mention intermittent graphite, flint, some tobacco and also some animal undertones, while discreet touches of sweet spices send one last thought to freshly baked bread and fruit pies.

On the tongue, the wine is slender and elegant but by no means thin. Slightly dried fruit and strawberry jam join in the chorus – again in a slightly underplayed but also nice and complex shape, which excites curiosity and gives courage to more.

Rosso Vita is an Italian wine of great importance, and there is no doubt that it is here in the company of the Italian gastronomy it has the best: Carpaccio, parma ham, pizza, pasta … dishes we often patch in us with the greatest pleasure, but where Barolo or Brunello are simply too powerful and probably too expensive to match the occasion.

Last but not least, we recommend that you serve the wine with 14-16 degrees. Enjoy!



La Pieve, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy




Body of wine:



Standard Bottle (750ml)


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