Vini La Quercia, Santapupa


The “montonico” which takes its name from uncertain origin of the homonymous vine, is a typical product of the area of ​​the municipalities of bisenti and part of the town of cermignano and dates back at least to the Roman times from which some districts still retain the appellative. From the book onciario of 1615 it is noted that the cultivation of the “montonico” was very florid. In the early 1700s, oak barrels with a capacity of 100 must have been built and, in those times, a large barrel made without support circles was aroused. In the land registry of 1760 the cultivation of the vine appears much more extensive and in the invasion of 1798-99, the French find the product so fresh, harmonious and fragrant to call it “le petit champagne”

The name santapupa to recall the tradition of Abruzzo that in the village festivals used to conclude the celebrations with the dance of the pupa and because it is a typical popular expression easily memorable.



Vini La Quercia, Abruzzo, Italy




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