Vignerons Ardechois, Terre de Chene MAGNUM


Rich and complex wine, resulting from an assembly of three noble grape varieties on parcel selections. This vineyard is made from selected parcels of the best soils: Syrah on the basaltic soils of Coiron, Merlot on the municipalities of Alba la Romaine and Cruzières and Cabernet Sauvignon on the clay and limestone soils of Valvignères.

Resulting from limited yields (40 to 45 hl / ha) the grapes are harvested at full maturity with long vattings of 2 to 3 weeks. 80% of the wine is aged in oak barrels to soften the tannic structure.

An intense ruby ​​red color.
Notes of spice, pepper, licorice, vanilla and compote.
It is a powerful, round and supple wine with melting tannins and woody notes.

It will go well with spicy dishes, meats in sauce and cheeses.
To serve at 18 ° after having put it in carafe.

This bottle is Magnum (1500ml) size!


Shiraz/Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Ardeche, Vin de Pays, Languedoc-Roussillon, France




Body of wine:




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