Vignerons Ardechois, Orelie, Rouge


The vineyard is located in southern Ardèche, located on slopes for Viognier and half hills for Sauvignon and Muscat. Sauvignon and Muscat are harvested at the coolest hours with a quick fermentation to keep all their liveliness. Viognier, on the contrary, is harvested on maturity with a vinification of about 6 months at low temperature to give fat and complexity. Summer wine excellence, easy to drink for all, it will surprise you as an aperitif. Its aromas of red fruits, vanilla and coconut will seduce you on exotic or Asian dishes as well as on all the white meats in sauce.

Dress with a cherry red color of good intensity. Fine nose that opens on scents of peony and red fruits. Make the discovery of this red with a pleasant freshness and provided with silky tannins. It offers a supple palate that precedes a slightly lingering finish.



Merlot, Gamay

Ardeche, Vin de Pays, Languedoc-Roussillon, France




Body of wine:




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