Valdespino, Solera 1842, Vos Jerez


Valdespino Solera 1842 is a V.O.S. wine – it’s over 20 years of age, and more importantly: the wine spends almost half of its time as a blend. This makes the end result much more integrated and ‘naturally sweet’ than when the blend is brought together right before bottling.

Solera 1842 has a sister wine that is slightly drier: Don Gonzalo, an Oloroso which contains around 15 grams of sugar. Interestingly, wines that contain up to 45g/l can still officially be called ‘dry’. Old labels of Solera 1842 say Rich sweet Oloroso which has then been replaced with labels that said Medium sweet – Very Old Oloroso blend and now they only mention Oloroso. There is a general tendency at Valdespino to lower the sweetness of their sherries. Even the expensive Cardenal and Coliseo wines used to be slightly sweetened to round off the wood influence, but they’re now virtually dry.

I’ve regularly added Solera 1842 to the line-up of sherry tastings I’ve hosted and it always comes out as one of the favourites. The sweetness makes it very easy to like, especially when you’re looking for a relaxing wine to drink on a winter night.



Jerez-Xeres, Andalucia, Spain




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