Tenuta Cocci Grifoni Colle Vecchio, Offida Pecorino


The “Colle Vecchio Vineyard” is the heart of the estate where they grow, as always, the Pecorino grapes. This is where a unique D.O.C.G. was born and has evolved into an icon within the world of indigenous white grape varieties once at risk of extinction. Surrounded by gullies and steep slopes, the vineyard is situated in a natural environment which encompasses an area near the medieval towns of Ripatransone, Grottammare and Cossignano and then descends into the Tronto River Valley in the southern Marche. It is home, in the lower region, to the experimental vineyard that faces north-west and is an area of loamy soil comprised mostly of clay and limestone. This location produces grapes with thick noble skins suitable for structured and long-lasting white wines with polyphenols and intense aromas. It is a habitat for rare fauna that exist in this ecosystem such as nocturnal birds of prey, peregrine falcons and black kites, that nest in the crevices of the high rock cliffs of these ‘badlands’.

Golden yellow with slight greenish hint and crystalline in appearance there is also a lovely vivacity. The aroma is intense with balsamic notes of aromatic herbs, eucalyptus complemented by hints of yellow summer peaches, citrus fruits. The palate is intense and persistent while showing freshness and minerals. Wonderful long finish with more citrus and sage.



Il Piceno, Marche, Italy








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