Rasteau, Vins Doux Naturel


Rasteau’s vins doux naturels defy convention. Made from Grenache noir planted in stony, exposed, south-facing ground, they are the product of 50-80 year old vines that preserve their vitality by providing less than a single bottle per stock… harvested by hand, alcohol is added to the fermenting musts to produce two different styles of fortified wine.
The result of rosé winemaking (using the saignée method), Rasteau wine has a fine amber colour and exudes aromas of nuts, apricot, and honey. Full-bodied, smooth, and balanced, the wine may be aged for up to eight years.
Red Rasteau is made using grapes that have been pressed and macerated in a vat. It contains aromas of stewed prunes and warm spices and, as it ages, develops a “rancio”, or maderized, flavour. The wine may be aged for up to ten years, developing nutty, roasted aromas.
Without a doubt, wines this rare, so incredibly rich in aromas, and so well made, deserve their reputation…


Grenache Noir

Rasteau, Rhone valley, France




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