Pineau des Charentes, Roussille, Blanc-Dore


This Pineau Blanc is aged for at least five years in Limousin oak barrels. The vines are planted in a calcareous clay-limestone soil. Some plots are on rocky ground.
The grapes are carefully selected from vines over 35 years old. Their average yield is around 40 hectoliters per hectare. The must grading 11 ° is mixed with a brandy aged three years in Limousin oak barrels with a degree of 60% vol. This assembly is between 16 and 22 °. The Pineau Blanc Or is more amber, with warmer and more sustained colors of an old bronze look. It is marked by a very honeyed nose, vanilla and quince. This drink accompanies with finesse foie gras, cheeses pasta marinated without forgetting the chocolate desserts. It is eaten at 8 °.



Ugni-White, Semillon, Montils

Alba, Piedmont, Italy




Body of wine:




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