Pffafl Waldgarten, St. Laurent


They like to plant our St. Laurent on the edge of the forest so that the cool nights can prolong the ripening period. The result is amarelle plum fruit and complex spice. Dark ruby in ist colour, spice and fruit in the nose, tender strawberry. Full body on the palate with a rich plum, a bit of bramble and a decent nuance of raspberry, again beautiful spice. Juicy with a fine body, corpulent with tender tannin, suprises one with every sip. Wonderful to beef as well as antipasti.
Dark ruby ​​color with cherry shade. Nose: red and black fruit, red flowers and spices. In the mouth: wine saturated with dark ripe fruit, raspberries, strawberries, cherries and red plums, a little bit chocolate and a little vanilla, mild herbs and spices. Wine, medium to full body, velvety, with a good smooth structure. A little mild sweet tannins on an elegant long finish.


St. Laurent

Waldgärten, Lower Austria, Austria




Body of wine:




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