Pffafl Terrassen Sonnleiten, Riesling


Weingut’s terraces in Sonnleiten are a real specialty. In the middle of the Weinviertel hillsides they were erected on a steep slope in the village Münichsthal to make extraordinary wines. Only to protect the site from cold Northern winds, a wall was built on top. 1989 we have bought the savaged site and replanted it. Since then, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon bring outstanding Qualities. The stony, poor soil brings unbelieveable minerality and the protected south-facing site is responsible for extreme ripeness.
Sparkling golden yellow and the classic flavour of ripe apricots and peach. Additionally, the Riesling Terrassen Sonnleiten announce their minerality already in the nose, powerful on the palate, as well as the beautiful integrated fruit, a juicy and animating bouquet with a fresh structure. After all, a nice length in the finish completes this experience. A wonderful
accompanion of fish dishes and vegetarian food.



Stetten, Lower Austria, Austria




Body of wine:




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