La Bollina Ventola


La Bollina Ventola is an everyday wine that is melting smoothness and minerality, capable of alternating of constantly comforting softness and freshness with flavor. The fact that La Bollina was able to renew, specifically with the reconstruction of the cellar that has all the modern winemaking techniques and cutting-edge technology. Out of 120 hectares of land of which is within the borders of Gavi DOCG 28 is covered by the vineyard where they cultivate mainly native varieties of the terroir, side by side with the varieties of international vines.

The Bollina Ventola comes from Cortese grapes grown with yields contained approximately 70 quintals per hectare. After harvesting the grapes they must via static racking for 24 hours. Then they start fermentation in the steel vats at a controlled temperature for the first two thirds of its length, while the fermentation completes in French oak barrels. Even the aging involves the use of wood, in fact, the must refines 6 months in barriques enriched with complex toasted and buttery nuances. A rich local wine, but international in character though it continues to bring a dowry mineral tastes that Cortese has to offer.

The color is straw-yellow with a golden hue. From the first smell it does not hide all its richness, in which it emerges first floral scents immediately replaced by a light fruit basket among which pear and peach. The profile is enriched with notes of cream and vanilla, elegant and sublime. Taste is full and mineral, also by the virtue of a slight over-ripening of the grapes that gives greater depth to it, and shows a perfect balance between softness and freshness.



Gavi, Piedmont, Italy




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