Jean-Baptiste Joannet, Creme de Cerise


Originally Jean-Baptiste Joannet is a fruit producer in Arcenant, mainly raspberries, but also strawberries, cherries, blackcurrants. It reaped its fruits and sold them to industries to make liqueurs, jams, perfume, extracts …
But in the 1970s, fruits are no longer sold at a fair price and drought in 1976 destroys many plots. Despite these climatic and economic hazards,Jean-Baptiste remains convinced of the excellent quality of the fruits he produces and does not want to stop what he does best. He decides to replant fields but this time, he will transform his fruits to value them. Several possibilities are offered to him, and after several tests, his choice is directed towards liqueurs and jams. Jean-Baptiste becomes the first producer / processor of fruit in the region, he has the courage and daring to take this turn. He is no longer just a peasant but also a liquorist who sells liqueurs and creams that he makes with his own fruit.

Both are made using cherries. The varieties of cherries vary between both products. These drinks both use cherries as their basis, varying in type depending upon the product.

The Crème de cerise is sweeter and can be mixed easily with a dry or sparkling white wine while the Guignolet is drunk pure as an aperitif or with some Kirsch to make a “Guignolet-Kirsch”.



Arcenant, Burgundy, France




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