Garmón Continental, MAGNUM


Garmón is the latest project of the respected García family who owns Mauro in Castilla y León and San Román in Toro. With 30 years of experience as winemaker at Vega Sicilia, Mariano García and his two sons, Alberto and Eduardo García Montaña, form a winning team. They have also been gathering experience in Ribera del Duero. Mariano is a partner at Aalto and the family consulted Astrales for many years.

The new premises are located in the village of Olivares de Duero (Valladolid), barely 20 kilometres away from Mauro. Grapes are sourced from old vine plots dotted across various villages further east, in the province of Burgos. Moradillo de Roa on the river Duero’s left bank boasts high-altitude vineyards (up to 1,000 metres) with clay soils topped by sand.

This vintage was classified as excellent. The wines have excellent fruit aromas with ripe tannins. Plenty of dark berry fruits with a rounded palate. It expresses the aromas and texture of the wines that gave Ribera del Duero its global fame.

This wine is Magnum (1500ml) in size!



Aranda de Duero, Duero Valley, Castilla-i-Leon, Spain




Body of wine:

Full Bodied


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