Floc de Gascogne Fezas, Domaine de Chiroulet


The Chiroulet estate is located in Larroque sur l’Osse in the Gers. It owes its name to the wind whistling “Chiroula” in Gascon dialect. The Fezas family, at the head of this large Gascogne estate, produces red wines with a well-tempered Gascon character, dry white wines, sweet wines, rosés in IGP Côtes de Gascogne and brandies from Armagnac. The white Floc de Gascogne from the Chiroulet estate is a blend of the best juices of the year with the most beautiful young Armagnac brandies from the estate. The flock is aged 18 months in old casks, which allows the alliance of fruit and alcohol giving it melted and aroma of fruit kernel with brandy.



Gros Manseng, Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc

Larroque-sur-l’Osse, South West Region, France




Body of wine:



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