Domaine Des Chaisnes Cuvee Dechainee Bourgueil


This wine was part of an extensive buyers’ Loire tasting that wasn’t expected to stand out from the crowd quite like it did. It’s not news that Loire (so famous for white wine) has some genuinely excellent red wines too, but we’d have expected to pay far more for this. It’s Cabernet Franc in all its glory. Excellent, concentrated black fruit and spice aromas with freshness, elegance and class on the palate. This Cabernet Franc is on top form.

It is on gravel soil deposited, thousands of years ago, by the Loire, that our Cabernet Franc benefits from the delicious micro-climate of this royal river. This wonderful terroir allows us to develop this very fruity wine with great roundness in the mouth. This red wine, AOP Bourgueil appellation , goes wonderfully well with dishes such as: game, cheese, poultry, pork and mutton. You can enjoy it with a raclette, chili con carne or a risotto with ham, for example.


Cabernet Franc

Touraine, Loire valley, France




Body of wine:



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