Domaine Bellavista, Ambre Doux


Domaine Bellavista looks out over the Mediterranean and the vineyards that surround it. In existence since the 13th century, where it was then determined only by the sheepfold and the land, the estate was taken over in October 1992 by the Bertrand family. The serene wisdom of the walls of the sheepfold today protects the wine of the property and what was “straw” welcomes the joy of those who want to meet to live privileged moments.

Light amber with green reflections, witness of the rancio, the nose seems peaty like Ila malt, then comes the Corinth, caramel and dried fig. On the spice side, white pepper dominates cardamom and coriander seeds. On the palate, it starts smoothly, quickly caught up by a delicate freshness and bitterness with a gentian taste. The trio of flavors sets the scene and incorporates the actors suspected to in a few words delight us with its features of malted barley, coffee grounds and dry seaweed. A candied tangerine peel offers its sweetness, quince paste its creaminess.


Grenache Noir, Macabeu

Camiles, Langedoc-Roussillon, France




Body of wine:




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