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Just for the sake of clarity: technically Disznókő’s Inspiration Dry is not a furmint but a blend containing 15% hárslevelű.

Previously the various single vineyard furmints and the one hárslevelű of Disznókő were bottled separately in micro-batches. ’Inspiration’ brings together these tiny lots to come up with a wine that is produced at a volume that is discernible on the market. And then there was the all-important fine-tuning of the final blend. All the lots were raised in oak but none of them in new oak.

Getting picking times right – ripe fruit without cumbersome alcohol, freshness without overpowering malic acid, structure without rough textures – is a balancing act that has proved a stumbling block for many a Tokaj drys. Inspiration passes this test with flying colours (whether this is a testament to the excellence of the vintage or to the expertise of the winemakers, or both, I couldn’t tell).

Initially the oak makes its presence felt but a few hours after opening it retreats to the background. For a Tokaj dry the nose is definitely intense, lively and elegant showing hints of pears, pineapple, ginger and clay. The palate is clean as a whistle with succulent fruit and a good attack. It’s not a blockbuster, there is nothing OTT about it. It’s quietly confident with no element striving to dominate others. A Tokaj dry that while remaining true to its origin also manages to be pleasant, attractive and elegant.


Furmint, Harslevelu

Disznoko, Tokaj, Hungary




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