Delgado Zuleta, Fino


Fino sherry is one of two basic sherry styles (Dry Oloroso is the other), which is its own sherry style or may be used to produce other styles (Manzanilla and Amontillado). Fino is produced from light bodied must that is fortified to 15% alcohol. The casks are filled 80% capacity, allowing Flor to grow on the surface, providing a protection from oxidation. The Atlantic influence and Sanlucar’s unique microclimate cause the Flor to flourish more than elsewhere in the region.
Pale straw color, delicate floral, almond, and yeasty aromas and flavor; crisp, soft, and dry on the palate
When to serve: Alone as aperitif or with appetizers How to serve: Very well chilled
Appropriate foods: Olives, nuts, shrimp, lobster, crab, raw oysters, smoked salmon, sushi or any Asian dish with soy sauce, grilled vegetables, hard cheeses



Jeres-Xeres, Andalucia, Spain




Body of wine:



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