Chinon Les Grezeaux, Bernard Baudry


Les Grézeaux is concentrated, its body is dense yet silky, thanks to the gravels in its soil. It can age 10 years, and a lot longer in good vintages. The quality of this wine is closely linked to work in the vineyard, but it must be accompanied by a no interventionist winemaking and also respectful of the origins and characteristics of each terroir. The grapes are harvested 100% manually. A team of 50 people just sort and reap the fruits of the year. The fruit are sent by gravity into vats after a scratch in the cellar. A slight sulphiting is performed to compensate the micro-oxidations juice during transportation. It is separated all the different terroirs in vats made of crude cement, wood and stainless steel for the start fermentation. They use only the natural yeasts that contain grapes or that are naturally present in the winery.


Cabernet Franc

Chinon, Loire, France





Medium- full bodied


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