Cantina Di Custoza Lugana


The Terra del Custoza is a territory located on the morainic hills south-east of Lake Garda and includes the Municipalities of Sommacampagna, Valeggio sul Mincio, Villafranca di Verona, Bussolengo and Sona. These areas with a high wine-growing vocation are all united by the cultivation of the typical vines for the production of Custoza wine: the native Corvina, the white-berried Chardonnay, and finally the Cabernet. This is a very rich territory from an enogastronomic point of view: in addition of course to the Custoza DOC, a fresh and slightly aromatic wine, we find in fact numerous typical products, ranging from fruit and vegetable raw materials to specialties and dishes cooked in the traditional way.

White produced from vineyards cultivated in S. Benedetto di Lugana. Thanks to its floral scent notes and fresh flavor, Lugana is a wine that goes well with dishes based on lake fish, shellfish, appetizers. Venetian eel, delicate appetizers, Sicilian arancini, broccoli, pike, lake fish, Neapolitan pizza.


Trebbiano di Lugana

Custoza, Veneto, Italy




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