Pfaffl, Dot, Austrian Plum


‘The Dot’ wines are made by the world famous producer Wiengut R&A Pfaffl in the Lower Austria wine region of the country. The winery is now run by dynamic young brother and sister team, Roman Josef Pfaffl who is vineyard manager and winemaker and Heidi Fischer who takes care of business administration and marketing. They were named ‘European Winery of the Year 2016’ by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

“All our enthusiasm is in our wines. Special interest will be given to the Grüner Veltliner, who is at home with us. We like it lightly, sparkling to strong and round. We try to fathom all his facets.”

Their St. Laurent isn’t one-dimensional plum – there’s a dark berry and black pepper aroma and lovely supple tannins at play too.


St. Laurent

Weingut, Lower Austria, Austria




Body of wine:




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