1413 Disznoko


Szamorodni is a traditional wine that has been produced for many centuries in Tokaj. The name comes from the Polish meaning “as it comes”: the bunches come as they are from vineyard to cellar. The grapes are not selected one by one (harvesting method for making Aszú wines), but picked in whole bunches with many shrivelled and botrytised grapes. After fermentation the wine is barrel aged.

Pale to rich gold. When young you will discover wild flowers, fresh and candied fruits (apricot, citrus, tropical notes) as well as almonds and woody spices. As it ages in the bottle, Disznókő 1413 Tokaji develops notes of honey and dried fruits while the crisp acidity gently softens. This is a wine with finesse and balance.

The barrel-ageing gives balance and complexity to the fruit of this deliciously fresh wine, giving it marvelous flexibility for pairing with many dishes.

Our favourite pairings:
– outstanding aperitif. Perfect company to foie gras.
– sea-fish dishes made with creamy sauces or lemon, duck dishes with fruits and slightly spicy foods.



Disznoko, Tokaj, Hungary




Body of wine:




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